50 Years of Legendary Music Production

“As a producer/engineer, my main function is to interpret the artist’s vision, and give them the sonic palette to help realize their dreams. If I can make that happen, then I have done my job. I’m part arranger, songwriter, lyrics consultant, teacher, disciplinarian and therapist.”


Jimi Hendrix
“Hear My Train a-Comin'”

I was recently honored with an Emmy for best sound in a documentary for Jimi Hendrix’s Hear My Train a Comin’ which was on PBS American Masters. What a trip to be on that stage!!!

DTS Headphone:X


I am currently working with DTS in the development of Headphone X which is an app for any pair of headphones that gives one the ability to hear 5.1,7.1, 11.1 etc, surround sound!
DTS Headphone:X faithfully reproduces the home theater surround sound experience using any pair of headphones. By using the acoustic characteristic of the original mixing studio, or other professional audio labs as a reference, Headphone:X externalizes and accurately recreates the studio soundstage through any headphones. With benefits for content owners, device manufacturers, headphone manufactures and consumers, DTS Headphone:X presents a whole new way to hear mobile entertainment.