Capturing The Icons of a Generation

Jimi Hendrix

A Roller Coaster Ride of Intensity

Working with Jimi Hendrix in the studio was a roller coaster ride of intensity that never stopped. Jimi had laser like concentration on the job at hand, from the first run-throughs of the song through to the last notes of the overdubs. I had to be permanently on my toes to be able to handle any situation as it developed as he could switch musical direction at the drop of a hat. His ideas came fast and furious with a devilish glint in his eye as he would rack up a particular sound from his amp that would give me a challenge to interpret what was going on from the floor of the studio to bringing that enormous sound into the control room through that marvelous Helios Console and onto a Tube Ampex tape machine. Then to watch his expression as he heard the playback was a joy to behold.

Jimi had a wicked sense of humour and made a point of taking the piss out of myself, Mitch and Noel, always leaving room to poke fun at himself. All of this was done to keep the atmosphere light hearted and fun! I very rarely saw him down in our working environment.

To Jimi, the studio was his second home, other than the stage. Working with Hendrix was an object lesson in how to remain open, creative and sensitive to the artists needs, some thing which I apply to every group I work with, even today.