Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire musicians to continue making great music by adding more colors to their creative palette, and to expand their soundscape through advanced technologies, research and creative designs.

Wireless Power

The F-Power™ system allows users to run F-Pedals without any power supplies or any batteries inside the pedals, and without any loss or interference of sound signals, using F-Board™.

Made in Italy

F-Pedals are crafted in Italy using only the finest materials and workmanship. We have been traveling around the world in search of the best resources in order to provide the most innovative products to you.

Vintage & Progressive

We proudly consider ourselves a vintage and progressive team. We respect and learn from the wisdoms of the past as we thrive to contribute to the future of music.


F-Power is the Power of Freedom. It’s the power to break free from tangling, to escape from the power grid. It’s the power to leave the walls behind. It’s the power to ride the waves of creativity  — when and wherever.

Available Now

The first two pedals of F-Pedals — “Edstortion” and “PhazeVibe” of the Eddie Kramer Line — are equipped with F-Power and are now available worldwide. Click on the link below for more information.